What keeps you up at night?

  • Cancellations and no-shows are a symptom 

  • Presenting treatment/Closing on treatment

  • Building relationships that create an internal referral system

  • Financial arrangement, how they are a win-win 

  • Knowing what words to use

  • How to deal with objections

  • On-boarding for employees

  • Retention, the key to keeping existing patients

  • Knowing your true numbers, running your business

  • Your goldmine, referrals and reviews



Trish Jorgensen has had more than 35 years’ experience working in the dental field. Trish was the Office Administrator for a highly productive dental practice for 30 years.  She implemented many structures that led to increased profitability, efficient collections, and cohesion amongst team members, she has had extensive training in management, accounting, computer operations, and Dentrix Software.


Trish started as a certified dental assistant then as the administrator, which allowed her the opportunity to distinguish activities that were most productive in a dental practice and visualize the potential of an efficiently-run office. In March of 2014, Trish decided to take her skills and experiences to benefit practices all over the country, having had great results in implementing a relationship-based program for dental practices. Implementing these systems; knowing your true numbers, retention, phone protocol, treatment acceptance, recare, scheduling, and etc., resulted in immediate growth in every practice, that embraced the program. 


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